Friday, January 29, 2010 - 7:00 PM
A bilingual English/Spanish presentation.

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Carlos Perez Vidal, an innovative artist and a founding member of the defiant Grupo Independiente La Campana (The Bell Art Project), will bring his documented story and his art to the stage of Vero Beach’s Emerson Center for a January 29 English/Spanish presentation entitled “Cuba‘s Infidels: A Nation Struggles for Artistic Freedom.”  

Perez Vidal, a key player in the 1980s movement known as the Cuban Renaissance, chronicles decades of artistic censorship in Cuba, its chilling effect on creative expression, and the suffering it has caused as scores of talented artists have fled underground, sought exile abroad, or been persecuted. In addition, he will detail his own exile from Cuba seventeen years ago.

Beyond providing a historical perspective, Vidal will recall the dramatic art scenario of 1988-1993, when this outstanding generation artistically challenged the cultural, social and political landscape which for decades manipulated freedom of expression. Many contemporary Cuban artists removed their creations from government-controlled museums in favor of “impromptu” museums set up in vacated shops, storefronts, churches, parks, and private homes. A video premiere and photographs showing the underground studio that once harbored Vidal and his avant-garde fellow artists will provide bonus centerpieces for this presentation.

From the stage, Vidal will recall the critical role of Cuba‘s suppressed Catholic Church in providing a creative haven for “La Campana‘s” artistic colleagues and for facilitating Vidal‘s art studio and projects before his exodus to the United States. Perez Vidal’s conceptual and transgressor art, including creations on canvas, wood, installations, and other media; will also be displayed as part of the presentation and in a lobby exhibit. The artist will be available at a reception following the event to answer questions about his art and the role of Cuba‘s Infidels in opening artistic expression in his homeland.

To make this program open to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences, Vidal has invited Victoria Palacios, President of World Art Project, to join him on the stage and provide translations.


“Cuba‘s Infidels“will begin at 7:00 PM on Friday January 29, 2010. All attendees are encouraged to attend a reception with the artist following the event. Reserved seat tickets for the event are priced at $20 ($10 for students) and are available online by clicking here or from the Emerson Center‘s box office (772.778.5249). Group tickets are also available.